Shop Chronicles
Restoration: Stanley #10-1/2, Type 1 rabbet plane
I go to at least three auctions per week. The better of these is held just down the street from my neighborhood. When I happen to have a day off on Monday, I have the best chance of scoring some good rust as I can show up at 3:30 or so just as the auction starts. (On typical Mondays, I can't get there until 6pm, when the auction is half over.)

On this particular Monday, there was quite a bit of decent rust to look over. However, there was a group of boxed lots I hadn't yet noticed and my lovely wife whispered to me that I should check them out. I tried to look inconspicuous as I made my way over to the area and rummaged through the boxes. When I pulled out a plane with an open mouth, I became excited and had to conciously contain myself as not to attract attention. I used my hankerchief to rub the rust off of the lateral adjustment lever and was able to make out the word "...NLEY". I knew right away that I wouldn't be leaving without this diamond in the rough.

To my surprise, I had only one competitor when it came time to bid on these boxes of rust. As expected, the auctioneer sold them as 'choice'. This means you're bidding on the right to purchase any box in the area for a given price. If you win, you can buy any number of boxes of your choice at that price. I was prepared to go to at least $100, but managed to win the box containing this plane for $40!