Shop Chronicles
Step 2 - Demolition (Taking out existing raised floor, tables, etc.)
Shop Before Demolition - November 12, 2004

During Demolition - November 13, 2004

You can easily see from the two pictures below that I don't throw away *anything*. I consider this a serious flaw in my personality as a workshop owner. I'm planning to aggressively remedy this tendency with the new remodel. These piles are made up of half scrap wood piles from within my shop and half the demolition of tables and a raised floor I had built.

Shop After Demolition - November 14, 2004

There's still a bit left to do, but its almost done. Tomorrow, I'll get in there first thing and remove the last table from the center and the vertical supports now that the new beam and supports are in place.

Shop After Demolition - Ready for Concrete - November 21, 2004)