Shop Chronicles
Step 6 - Shop Heat
Update - December 25, 2005
Heat at last! We visited my wife's family on Christmas Eve, as usual, but this trip came with some great 'bonus gifts'. Not the least of which was a gas heater for my shop. Yay! Thanks, J.C.!

So, my valve is installed and now I have a heater. Its Christmas day and I'm ready to try it out and get a bit of shop time in. Only one problem: I need a 1/2"-to-3/8" pipe adapter or the necessary parts to marry my 1/2" ball valve to the smaller sized fitting on my old heater - and everything's closed today! D'oh.

Tada - old junk to the rescue. I dug around in the various boxes of junk in my shop and found this, exactly what I needed. Love that.

And here's a picture of the 'new' heater installed and running. Yay!

I now have a new gas line and 1/2" ball valve in my shop for heating. I've got a free ventless heater coming this month, thanks to my grandfather-in-law, so I'll be all set. I realize there are some important considerations when using a ventless gas heater and I'll have them in mind. Not the least of which is, don't be an idiot and use flammable chemicals when this thing is running and don't store them near it.

One important note: I won't be running the heater when I'm not in the shop, so that'll take care of alot of those safety concerns.